About Interact.Social

Social proof is too important for organisations to leave to chance.

We’re passionate about digital businesses reputation, our technology provides a pro-active platform to generate, deploy and control your social proof.

We enable your digital footprint to accurately reflect the prevailing positive community sentiment that your business has taken care to build over time.

Our platform makes it easy for your customers to endorse you, leave a digital footprint for you and to authentically praise your hard working staff.

We operate a white label platform ensuring that only your brand is present whilst our technology strengthens the digital connections between you and your loyal customers.

Integration with existing systems

Being an open platform we provide a variety of ways, including API’s, to leverage your reviews and user generated content to gain insights and to enhance your current applications, systems and processes. 

We will work with you to maximise the use of your data.

Promote your own brand

One of the core philosophies underpinning our platform is we exist solely to promote your brand, as opposed to ours. 

The platform is fully white labelled, make it clearer and more meaningful for your customers. All content and communication is branded as your business for you and your customers to share.

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