Designed to help businesses of all sizes thrive

Our mission is to promote truth in marketing throughout the customer journey, from brand awareness to customer purchase and experience.

Our Mission

To promote truth in marketing through the voice of your customer.

Our Vision

To connect businesses and customers, to help each other. 

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About Us

Based in Sydney, Australia, is a marketing software platform designed to help businesses of all sizes.

Our platform plays well with others and most importantly, promotes only your brand, not ours.

Fully configurable for seamless business process integration.

Our technology provides a pro-active platform to generate, deploy and control your social proof and digital reputation.

We enable your digital footprint to accurately reflect the prevailing positive community sentiment that your business has taken care to build over time.

Our platform makes it easy for your customers to endorse you, leave a digital footprint for you and to authentically praise your hard working staff.

We operate a white label platform ensuring that only your brand is present whilst our technology strengthens the digital connections between you and your loyal customers.

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Interact is an automated software platform that generates customer content and reviews. It’s a simple, cost effective solution that seamlessly integrates into any marketing strategy. The platform makes it easy to request authentic reviews from customers.

With the option to deploy the content throughout the customer journey, customers become extensions of your sales team, via social media, and advocates when displayed on your website.

Interact is tailored to match your specific brand and sales process requirements.

To provide you with accurate pricing that includes all necessary features and customisation options, we first need to fully understand your business.

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It sure does. Our platform is built to work efficiently in large, multi-site / multi-location organisations and groups. 

In the auto industry, for example, we help dealer groups comply with OEM brand guidelines for each brand. 

We manage user permissions to ensure every staff member has the access they need to succeed and give you full control.

Our platform is crafted to spotlight your business exclusively. We value brand consistency, which is why we prefer to work behind the scenes, empowering you to better serve your customers.

Absolutely! Our platform is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. We ensure that all the powerful tools made available to you are easy to learn. Plus, we’re always available to assist you with any issues you may encounter.

Ready to Dominate your local market?

Our review platform is built to help you grow your business in your own back yard as well as online.

The focus is about improving your local market share in a sustainable way.

The platform itself is setup to operate effectively across many verticals, and excels in when transactions are completed with the assistance of salesperson.

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