Our top tips for optimising Google My Business pages correctly

Optimisation will not only lead to higher visability but also it also legitamises your business to prospective customers.

John Doe
John Doe

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22 June, 2023 • 2 min

optimising google business page
1. Make sure your Name Address and Phone number information is accurate.

In order for your Google My Business profile to rank well in local business searches, you’ll need your NAP (name, address, and phone number) to be accurate.

top tips on optimising Google My Business Pages

The Business name, category and address are all prominent in the Google My Business dashboard.

It’s quite easy for company’s contact information to be outdated, inconsistent or incorrect. The consumer who looked up your business will likely be inconvenienced and draw negative conclusions that effect your reputation. In our fast paced world, even minor inconveniences are enough to lose customers. It is simple, but many businesses fail to fill in accurate NAP information on their GMB listing.

2. Choose the correct business categories

You may or may not be aware that your business’s GMB category is one of the top factors in local pack rankings. For this reason, selecting the most relevant primary category as well as relevant additional GMB categories is important, significantly influencing how a business shows up in local Google searches.

Google My Business categories show Google and your prospective customers the kinds of services you provide. If you’re included in the right Google My Business categories, the likelihood of your business ranking higher for relevant searches increases.

Here’s how you can make edits to your Google My Business categories.
1. Sign in to your Google My Business account.
2. You may have more than one location, select the location whose category you want to amend.
3. Select the “Info” tab.
4. From here, edit your primary category, or click Add another category.

3. Frequently upload photos to your GMB profile

Customers love images. We all do. The more photos on your business listing, the more likely you are to engage new customers. Think of the last time you were a researching customer. Did you look at images, did you make decisions based on the visuals?

Google My Business allows you to easily upload photos to your profile. The photos section can be found on the side menu in your GMB account. To inspire browsing customers into action frequently upload photos.


• Exterior photos of your business
• Show off facilities
• location shots to help with parking or way-finding
• Your products
• Staff profiles
• Awards

It’s important to regularly generate Google reviews and manage them professionally. Ensure they are legitimate and your staff members, or family and friends don’t artificially write reviews. If you run a good business, all you need is an efficient request system, and your customers will leave a steady stream of reviews detailing their experiences.

4. Generate reviews and respond in a personal way to both positive and negative reviews

Customer reviews are extremely important ranking factor for your business. The star-rating, frequency and quality of reviews all play a part in engaging prospective new customers. Dominating your competitor businesses can boost your ranking position significantly.

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