How To Boost Your Prospects Of Getting In The Google 3-Pack

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It’s no secret that Google is the most used search engine on the planet. According to the latest figures from StatCounter, Google has a whopping 94% market share of the search engine market in Australia, with Bing and Yahoo! trailing behind, respectively.

Any business with an online presence will undoubtedly want their site showing up for any relevant searches on Google – including all-important local searches. With that in mind, learn more about the Google 3-Pack and how to optimise your business for it.

What Is The Google 3-Pack?

If you run a business with a physical presence, such as a retail shop, it makes sense to have your brand name show up prominently whenever consumers search for the products and services you sell in your area.

One way to do that is by boosting your chances of showing up in the Google 3-Pack.

In a nutshell, the Google 3-Pack is so-named because it’s a trio of local search results that appear based on a user’s query and physical location. I

t’s a big deal because they show up for the first position of search results 93% of the time.

How To Improve Your Google 3-Pack Visibility

It makes perfect sense to ensure potential customers see your business whenever they do a local search on Google. With that in mind, the following tips can help you achieve that goal:

Create or Claim And Manage Your “Google Business Profile”

You need to create a Google Business profile (formerly known as Google My Business) and manage it correctly. Your Google Business Profile is essential to get seen in the Google 3-Pack.

For most businesses that have been operational for even a short period, there will be a Google Profile. In this case you may need to claim it as the business owner. 

Get Some Five-Star Reviews

If your business has no Google reviews or they aren’t favourable, you need to work on getting five-star ones to boost your chances of ranking well in Google 3-Pack results.

The frequency and volume of your Google Reviews both play a part, as do the Google Reviews of your competition.

If you don’t have a process in place to encourage customers to leave a Google Review, it is time you started. 

Check Your Website Is Fit For Purpose

Make sure your website is accessible to desktop and mobile devices, is SEO-friendly, and you host it on a fast web server.

How To Improve Your Google 3-Pack Visibility

You should also bear in mind the following influential factors and work on using them to your advantage:

Google Business Primary Category

Relevance is vital to Google, so you should ensure that the category you select as your Google Business profile best suits your business.

Many businesses may fall into several categories of business. If so, select the additional relevant categories as secondary categories.

Only select those relevant to your business.

Keywords In Business Name

You’re far more likely to appear in the Google 3-Pack if your chosen keywords are in your business name.

For example, “Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant” is better than “Golden Dragon” as your business name.

You may think it’s okay to add some keywords to your business name just to rank here. It is not okay. Adding keywords is against the rules and it is not recommended. 

Physical Location

If you want people to find you in a specific town or city, your business premises must be there.

Google is looking to match local businesses with the searcher.

Proximity To Searcher

Lastly, you will more likely appear in the Google 3-Pack if the user is as close to your physical location as possible.

Similar to the previous point, Google is looking to location of both the business and the searcher as an indicator of relevance. 

Other Factors That Influence Your Google 3-Pack Visibility

There are other influencing factors when it comes to ranking in the Google 3-Pack.

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