Streamlining Sales Funnels for Swift Conversions

John Doe
John Doe

Co-founder | CEO | Senior Marketing Manager
22 June, 2023 • 2 min

Accelerate results and reduce friction by streamlining sales conversions funnels.

Customer’s research and purchase in a multitude of ways. In today’s connected and complex digital world, how can we reduce friction and inspire action from potential customers so they move through their buyer journeys faster?

Each journey is unique

As each customer controls and chooses the way they wish to research and buy. They’ll decide how, when, and where they will communicate and purchase. This complicates marketing and sales efforts, traditional marketing and digital advertising are not what they were like a decade ago. It’s more competitive, more expensive and more complicated.

Fortunately for good businesses, customers trust customers. Deploying reviews and authentic insights of other customers helps your potential customer move through their journey. Surrounding customers throughout their buying cycle with reviews and authentic customer content, from top of the funnel right through to the point of sale is the fastest way to win their trust and earn their business.

But how do you deploy customer content throughout a buyers journey?

Firstly, your organisation must generate the review content. Gone are the days of a simple NPS style survey being sent out from head office. Real customer content, authentic social proof is best generated in a multitude of ways. For instance, both the marketing teams and the sales teams can partner to drive reviews. A store employee will be there at job completion to ask for a review (a Google review for example).

On the other side of the coin, marketing can trigger review requests through text messages and emails to existing customers asking how the product or service is helping or changing their life. We’re talking about real content, all collected in a simple dash, then mapping out the in-coming customer journey and deploying highly relevant, targeted content to match. If there’s negative feedback, this can be automatically escalated to operations teams for review and training.

Interact  provides insights into the organisation at product, service, staff and store level. Our technology harnesses the power of your customers to speed up your in-coming sales journeys, now and into the future.

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