Effective User Generated Content

in 2021.

How to create trust in the digital era.

John Doe
John Doe

Co-founder | CEO | Senior Marketing Manager
22 June, 2023 • 2 min

As a customer, do you trust corporations over family and friends?

No, not many people do… We all trust a recommendation from family, friends or those in likeminded groups. Yet almost all advertising is made up of unsubstantiated claims.

Today’s customers are doing what they always have, trusting other customers!

People trust other people who are just like them.

It’s simple, the potential customer of a product or service has more in common with a customer of that same product or service than almost anybody else. They are solving the same problem, or satisfying the same need. Therefore, they have more in common with each other than your staff, your agency, your management team, your accountants, your HR division and your lawyers… So why don’t we hear from more of these people? Why are they hidden? Why isn’t a small amount of advertising budget deployed into generating authentic user generated content and securing your primary spend?

In a digitally connected world it’s never been more important to ensure your potential customer meets your last customer.

So what does all this mean?

It means you need authentic user generated content. If you don’t have authentic user generated content, you’re doing your business a major disservice. User-generated content helps showcase the “human” side of your business. It is real. It is trusted. The more user generated content you have, the more you can influence likeminded customers, in local regions, to local people, to real humans, with real problems or desires. Just like your last customer.

User generated content validates your marketing claims.

Our data shows how important this is. Campaigns with real user content engage better. They convert better, and they retain more margin at the point of sale. Take advantage of user generated content. It is critical to profitable marketing and sales execution in 2021.